Halloween is fast approaching and because we are sure you want your little one have the dress of her dreams we are offering the best fairy princess costume for her. If you wonder why we are offering this outfit as a best option for her, the answer is quite simple. We know your sweetie likes fairytales and dreams about magic and fairies every day. She probably imagines the beautiful dresses fairies like to dress up in and the magical accessories they wear. Well, we do not know about you, but if there is something we know for sure is that your little daughter will be thrilled to have her own fairy costume. Our large collection of fairy outfits will definitely give her plenty of options from which to choose her favorite fairy princess costume. And please do keep in mind that our fairy costumes are very good quality products at very accessible prices.

We have the pleasure to present you one of our best selling costumes for kids:

Dawn Fairy Child Costume

This pastel dress will make your sweet-heart the prettiest fairy around!

The dawn fairy costume seems to give a morning fresh look to your little one. This costume features a silver sleeveless dress with yellow, pink and purple skirted layers which definitely add some fun and magic to the costume.

The costume is available in X-small, small, medium and large child sizes. And because every fairy needs wings to fly, you should pick a pair of pretty wings for your little fairy. We are happy to offer you the perfect dawn fairy wings for your sweetie’ fairy princess costume. Our product includes a pair of yellow, pink and purple wings with a purple strap for attachment and shoulder straps. The shoes would be another accessory a fairy should match to her costume. And the perfect footwear for your little one would a pair of pink or purple ballet shoes, which suits her dawn fairy costume and are very comfortable to wear as well. Do not forget about the magic a fairy keeps in her wand and let your little daughter be a fairy spreading magic all around. The dawn fairy wand features a shiny and yellow wand with a butterfly tip and ribbon strands that your daughter will adore. And to complete from head to toe her adorable fairy princess costume you can attach a fairy hair clip to her hair and your little one will be the most beautiful morning fairy.