Wonderful Fairy Wings Costume

September 30, 2011

If you are searching for the most wonderful fairy wings costume, we want you to know you have made the best choice in visiting our site. Right here we have beautiful fairy costumes designed to fit all ages and sizes and to make you look fabulous. So, take a look at our collection of fairy costumes because we are pretty sure you will find the perfect fairy outfit for you to dress up in for this Halloween. Our terrific fairy costumes are featuring all styles and we are also offering a wide variety of beautiful accessories. Another thing you should know is that our products are not expensive at all, although they are of very high quality.

Please take a look at one of the most popular fairy costumes we have in our wonderful collection:

Faerie Dress (Purple) Adult Costume

This fairy wings costume will transform you into a charming fairy in purple and pink!

The costume features a short-sleeved, knee-length dress. The dress is purple/pink sheer layered and jagged-edged. The cute design of the faerie dress will turn any woman into a lovely pixie that everyone will adore.

This fairy dress is available in adult standard size. And since both layers of the dress are very sheer, you should wear a full body slip or a leotard underneath. You should look for some appropriate shoes as well. Our advice is to try a pair of starlight silver heels. Do not forget about the fairy wings to complete your magical outfit. We recommend a pair of deluxe adult faerie wings in shades of violet and purple with white accents and attached elastic armband. You will surely look amazing in your fairy wings costume and you will have the time of your life dressed like that. In order to add more great effect to your outfit, you might want a fairy pouch, which is an excellent accessory to any fairy costume. You can also put some black eyelashes, use some makeup and body glitter and you will be a real sensation of the party!

Over the years, fairies had been the favorite subject for many famous writers like William Shakespeare, Sir Walter Scott, J. M. Barrie and many others. In art, the first illustrations of the fairies appeared in fairytales books and from there many painters created different paintings having as theme the magical fairies.

Today, among many other fairy products the fairy wings costume seems to be women’ most desired party outfit.

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