Create Your Own Halloween Costume

September 28, 2011

It’s not only about the costume that results

If you are a busy parent and you feel you’re not getting enough of your child, Halloween can be an opportunity to spend some quality time with him. Not only during the night of celebration, but even before– use the making of a costume as an excuse to yourself to not feel guilty for pushing away all that work.

And you can keep the money

A great thing about homemade costumes is that you don’t have to spend any money nor any time in a supermarket. You can find all the materials in your home and if you don’t, feel free to improvise– don’t ignore your kids ideas, they might be really original and inventive, even costume-savers!

For instance, by mixing cornstarch, shortening and some food colors on wax paper to avoid stains, you obtain a great homemade makeup, in any color you want.

Here are some great ideas:

  1. Rock star– Combine colorful yarn wig and clothes, with crazy make-up.
  2. Bee– Tape black tape stripes on top of yellow clothes plus some wire for the antennas.
  3. Grape– Add purple balloons to black or green clothing.
  4. Little angel– Adorn a white dress with pipes for the halo.
  5. Pumpkin– Combine orange shirt with green cap, dark pants and face painting.
  6. Clown– Can be obtained by making anything that crosses your mind, as colorful as possible, added to white face & big smile.
  7. Skunk– Give your kid to wear a black shirt with a white stripe on the back and voila! Your personal skunk right in your home.

Of course the list is endless, its only limit is our imagination– don’t let your creativity get stuck, let it flow and create a perfect costume for your kid, but not without spending more time together and learning more about each other. Have fun!

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