Tinkerbell costume

Whether Halloween, a birthday party or a costume event is approaching with quick steps, and you have no idea how to dress up your daughter, this Tinkerbell costume will be a magnificent idea. Instead of dressing up your daughter as a witch or a ghost and other Halloween scary characters, having her dressed up as a fairy is much cuter. For a low price, you will get excellent quality! The outfit is available in child sizes small, medium and large, and the costume itself includes the dress, a pair of wings and a caplet.

Let us have a closer look at this beautiful Tinkerbell costume. The dress is of soft olive green color, and it features the Tinkerbell cameo imprint at the waistline. Right beneath the character cameo, the dress has purple and white fabric rose appliqu├ęs, which gives the entire dress a very cheerful note. The caplet is of dark olive green color, and it features colorful satin tie strings. The caplet has short sleeves with jagged edges, which is yet one more motif, which will make the entire costume not only extremely comfortable, but also very trendy.

This is a Tinkerbell costume, which will make your little daughter very happy. Wonderful color fusions, aerial texture, and a pair of blue see through wings that will make her resemble the most beautiful fairy from fantasyland. The skirt is of layered type, imitating the petals of a tulip, and it is made of a sheer and extremely glittery fabric. The entire costume is a wonderful combination of colors like light blue, soft and dark olive green, white and purple. There are also some very nice golden trim decorations on the skirt, which will create that special fairy glow.

Your little daughter can wear this Tinkerbell costume with a pair of golden flats for children for example. Thus, she will truly become the queen of fairies, a magical character from the pages of a storybook. You just need to dress her up with this nice outfit, and take care of the final additions. Tie her hair in a nice ballerina bun, and attach a few hairpins with rhinestones for added glitter. She can also wear a little bit of makeup, such as a soft peach blush, glitter eye shadow in a golden color and a rosy or a clear lip-gloss. Now she is ready to bewitch the entire audience with her majestic looks!